"The Secret That Makes Your Equipment Last Forever"

Some customers have operated the same equipment for over twenty years! Would you like to know what they did? The key to their success --- Frequent Maintenance Check-ups since Day One! If you're doing **Frequent Maintenance Check-ups** that's great, you have made a wise decision! If you are not, let me tell you "Why" it is so important!

Recently, I asked customers that were not performing Maintenance Check-ups, why not. These were their responses: no time, costs too much to shut down, it hasn't given us any trouble yet, and we wait until it doesn't work before we fix it. Maintenance Check-ups allow you to be in control. Not performing them puts **Murphy's Law** in control of your business! "Out-Of-Tune equipment" will cost you precious time, money, and possible business! The unit will also become increasingly ineffective and unproductive. Have you ever put a pencil to it? How much does it really cost you to not maintain your equipment?

At this point, you might ask yourself why does G.R.I.P.S., Inc. care if I do Frequent Maintenance Check-ups or not? Why doesn't G.R.I.P.S., Inc. wait until my equipment becomes inoperable and sell me another one? It just doesn't work like that; customers generally blame us for any short life of their equipment when in fact the customer never maintained it. It is unlikely we will be given another chance. However, if we provide you with the needed support and continually maintain your equipment, you may even buy a few parts from us. AND you are more likely to return to us for a new unit when it really becomes necessary.

We are not a One-Shot Company! We want your business for life and we will do whatever it takes to prove that G.R.I.P.S., Inc. deserves your continued business.

Please call with any questions or comments. You are very important to us! Thank you for your business.
Scott Dykstra
President G.R.I.P.S., Inc.


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